Posting and Tagging Rules

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Here are the rules for posting and tagging your fanworks in the B2MeM Dreamwidth community. I encourage people to at least skim them and refresh your memory, even if you’ve done B2MeM before. Also, this year we’re on Dreamwidth for the first time, and some things work a little differently. Please either comment here or email the mod team at if you have any questions.

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Tagging Rules

This year's tagging team is myself, Indy, and our tagging volunteer Jenni ([personal profile] jenni_blog). Please don’t hesitate to ask me or email the mod team at if you have any questions about how or what to tag, if there’s a tag you need deleted, or anything related to this subject.

A few general guidelines:

~ It’s necessary to have one standardized form of every tag. Dreamwidth doesn’t work like AO3; we have no power to “syn” or connect different versions of the same tag behind the scenes. If one person tags as character:sam and another person tags character:samwise gamgee, DW treats them as two completely separate tags. So please use the existing form of the tag, if there is one. The list of currently existing tags may be found here:

~ Please check to see if the tag you want already exists before creating one. You may need to check under more than one name for a character. For example, if your work includes Elu Thingol, you won’t find him under Elu or Elwë, but there is a tag for character:thingol.

~ The formatting is to have no space between the colon and the subject. For example, character:frodo. The same goes for every tag.

~ Tags are not capitalized. We also don’t use accents or diacritical marks of any kind in tags (ë, ú, and so on), since not everyone knows how to do them.

~ Please check your spelling. A misspelled or misformatted tag still appears in the “available tag” list even if you correct it after the fact and must be manually deleted by the mods. (People can and have used misspellings and misformattings before because they appeared first in the list!) If you notice that you've accidentally created a misspelled or superfluous tag, it's helpful to let me or Indy know so we can delete it.

~ If you are typing the tags in, please remember to separate the tags with commas. If you don’t do this, the tags will merge together into one Frankenstein monster tag. (Don’t worry, the tag mods can fix it.)

~ Please do not use the tags beginning with 2018 or other years. These are admin tags.

~ For those more familiar with AO3 and Tumblr: tagging on Dreamwidth is solely for organizational purposes within a community or journal. There is no need for tags such as “b2mem” or “tolkien fanfic” or the like.

~ We tag each entry for prompt, characters, format, and genre.

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Call for graphics!

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We need several graphic makers to create graphics for us, both participant banners and icons. When you create them, please email all banners to Anyone can create these; no sign-ups are needed.


~ Must have "Back to Middle-earth Month 2018," "B2MeM 2018," or "B2MeM '18" somewhere on them.

~ If you wish to work with it, our theme this year is "Music of the Waters."

~ Any size banner is acceptable. Icons should be 100 pixels by 100 pixels or smaller.

~ You must have permission to use any artwork or photography that you use on the banner/icon. This means that any artwork or photography used must satisfy at least one of the conditions below:
  • The artwork/photography is your own work, or you own the rights to the work.

  • The artwork/photography is in the public domain.

  • You have written permission from the artist/photographer to use her or his work, including making modifications, such as cropping or adding text.

  • The artwork/photography is clearly labeled with permission to use the work for nonprofit uses, including making modifications, such as cropping or adding text.

  • Screen captures from the movies are acceptable.

~ Any artwork or photography used must be suitable for all audiences, i.e., it should not include nudity, blood/gore, or anything more than mild sexuality (hugging, kissing, etc.).

~ Files should be saved in .JPG, .PNG, or .GIF file formats. Please use the Save for Web feature (or its equivalent for your software), if available, to keep file sizes manageable.

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B2MeM 2018: Music of the Waters

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It is said by the Eldar that in water there lives yet the echo of the Music of the Ainur more than in any substance that is in this Earth; and many of the Children of Ilúvatar hearken still unsated to the voices of the Sea, and yet know not for what they listen.
~ The Silmarillion, Ainulindale

Welcome to Back to Middle-earth Month 2018!

As a reminder, our home base is now Dreamwidth; our Tumblr and LiveJournal communities are admin posts only.

We’re running a 31 x 31 x 16 challenge this year. 31 prompts have been posted now for participants who prefer more time to create. Another set of prompts will be posted in March. The March prompts are divided into two categories--fanwork and comment. The fanwork prompts will be posted daily; the comment prompts every other day. Fanwork prompts are for the creation of any type of fanwork. Comment prompts are for leaving feedback on Tolkien-based fanworks, whether written for B2MeM or not.

As always, you may use as few or as many prompts as you wish to. Let us stress that: creating one fanwork using one prompt is just as welcome and valuable as creating something daily. Using one of the comment prompts to comment on one fanwork is also just as valuable.

If you finish creating your fanwork(s) early, we ask that you please wait until the event begins in March to post them.

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